One of the many great things about the unique pleasure of riding a motorcycle is the community that forms around it. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what your two wheels are, it's that you enjoy them.

Bringing together like minded folks to a place where we can enjoy the company of one another, sharing our stories of incredible experiences, hilarious failures and sometimes just to show off our newest accomplishments.

We saw a need here in Seattle of a convenient, easily accessible place for meet ups; a place to begin, or end, a riding adventure. Larger groups can come together in a warm, inviting atmosphere and enjoy a lovingly crafted espresso beverage, or kick back and enjoy a more adult beverage of choice, all the while being able to admire each other's bikes in close proximity. 

The Wick is run by people who not only have a love for the ride, the machine and the community that that involves, but also understand what that community needs and wants.